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A Service To Fix Where The Camera Has Failed You

Hey, guys!  I found the perfect photo retouching service when your favorite vacation shot is a flop, your portrait doesn’t give you justice, or someone walked into your family photo.  You may need a service to fix where the camera has failed you.  PhotoHand is the perfect solution!

PhotoHand took three of my photos from recent blog posts and retouched them.  Wow, what a difference!  Check them out below to see how much of a difference the light airbrushing and lighting tweaks made in the photos.  Their services are great for wedding photos, holiday cards, family heirlooms, bloggers, and much more.




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There are 3 levels of service detailed on the website.  At level 1 ($5.50), the will fix hair and skin like a hair and makeup artist.  At level 2 ($8.50), they will also make adjustments to clothes like a stylist (change the color, etc.).  At level 3 ($13.50) they will also remove people or objects, do head swaps, and change the background, like a magician.  Lighting and color corrections are included at all levels.

They also do photo restoration starting at only $13.50.  They can remove dust and small scratches, fix major damage to the facial area or other areas of detail, fix severe (mold, water, scratch) damage, correct color and lighting, and much more.

Ordering is super easy!

  1. Visit
  2. Start: Retouching or Restoration? Rush order?
  3. Upload photos
  4. Select Level of Service for each photo
  5. Type your instructions
  6. Add order to shopping cart and check out
  7. Receive retouched photos in your account
  8. You can request free revisions right in the account
  9. Everything is well automated for your convenience

Make sure to check out their blog for photography tips and tricks.

XO, Chrissy

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