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Why care about Fashion’s collaboration with food?

Fashion and food are two different needs (wants, desires, passions, obsessions… ;-)). At first, there seems to be no common ground for talking about both of them at the same time. But…

“Passion for fashion is getting hungry for food!”

Say what now? You heard it right. Fashion enthusiasts always like to experiment with various things. Food lovers often do that too. But they do it within their own fields.

The barrier is breaking down and people are loving it. Big fashion houses and food giants are collaborating for something bigger. One reason is pure marketing but you can also view it from an artistic angle.

Food no longer only satisfies your hunger. It has become a part of your fashion sense as well.

Let’s see some biggest collaborations in the food and fashion industry.

Taco Bell Collaborations

the Taco Bell Collaborations

A California based fast-food chain getting along with a stocking brand! Yes, you read it right. Taco Bell, a fast-food chain teams up with The Hundreds, a stocking brand.

They aimed to produce taco inspired socks. The brand promotion in this situation was brilliantly carried out. The hundreds packed the socks as burritos which was creative and engaging. Taco Bell is determined to do more collaborations like this to reach their targeted customers.

Coca-Cola Collaborations

Coca-Cola CollaborationsCoca-Cola has been collaborating with some great designers for a long time. Some of their projects were for charitable work.

In 2009, Coca-Cola did something great. They asked Moschino, Donatella Versace, Angela Missoni, Alberto Ferreti, Consuelo Castiglioni and Etro for their stamp to put on Coke-Cola Light bottles. This collaboration was to support the survivors of the Abruzzo earthquake in Italy.

Diet Coke also did some creative work with fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. They made custom designer bottles which made some noise in both the fashion and beverage world.

Pepsi Collaborations

Pepsi is setting up a different type of trend in fashion. A beverage giant aiming to help nurture youngsters’ passion for fashion. “Project Cobalt” launched on April 14, 2015 with the goal of engaging young artists with star designers.

It featured a six-month long fashion boot camp with All Beuys Club and Fashion Accelerator 360. Pepsi powered this project with pure goodwill. They made no affiliation with the products for this project.

Starbucks Collaborations

Starbucks CollaborationsThis year Starbucks made something amazing with The team thought of some well-designed mugs, cold-cups and lifestyle accessories.

The mugs they made with not only look cool but they also feature condensation prevention, keeping your drink hot or cold and keep your hands dry too.

The cold-cups are available with Tropical Floral and Good Times designs. Different lifestyle accessories are also available in a Beach Stripe design. They include canvas totes, pencil pouches, coasters, passport holders, notebooks luggage tags, and cold to-go lids.

Plan Check Collaborations

LA burger joint, Plan Check, made plans with Stussy to explore beyond. The project was in 2013 which sure made some noise. They also partnered with Mellow Habanero in 2016.

McDonald’s Collaborations

McDonald’s CollaborationsThis year, Japanese label, BEAMS created 300 limited time T-shirts, totes, caps, and iPhone covers for the fast food giant, McDonald’s.

McDonald’s step into the fashion world is not something new. They have a history of collaborating with big fashion houses. In 2013, Colette made some limited edition clothing and accessories featuring McDonald’s.

One of McDonald’s most popular burgers, the Big Mac, is featured on a limited edition collection of t-shirts, bags, hats, and cell phone cases. It’s no wonder now that fashion and food are quickly becoming one with each other.

Vans Collaboration

The California based fashion line, Vans, has also collaborated with a few food companies. One of them is The Meatball Shop. They added animated meatball sketches to their checkered quarter panels. The designing was done by The Meatball Shop’s owner, Daniel Holzman, and Vans VP, Steve Van Doren.

Jon & Vinny’s had a love for fashion that came to reality through Vans with Authentic, Slip-On, and Sk8-Hi silhouettes. They are also water and dust proof. So, working in a rough environment in style is a not a problem. With upgraded cushioning, a long day of working on your feet becomes easy and pain-free.

These typeS of collaborations are important for brand awareness. Now, let’s see some other types of food fashion mash-ups.

Coffee Ground for Athletic Wear

Coffee Ground for Athletic WearAnother weird combination… What can coffee grounds do for athletic wear right?

Well, they actually have a lot to contribute. Athletic clothing manufacturers are always trying to make clothes smell good because bacteria from sweat produces odor. They often use antimicrobial chemicals to prevent it.

But there’s a better solution. Recycled coffee grounds provide the fabric with natural deodorizing properties. It’s a very effective, efficient, and healthy alternative to chemicals.

Fiber from Vegetables

Fiver from VegetablesLena Guézennec took a challenge of developing a fiber from root vegetables and making it fashionable. So far, she has made wonderful progress. Using the fiber from carrots, turnips, daikon radishes, eggplants, leeks, and beets, she is weaving, knitting, and crocheting.

Jewelry from Food Waste

From 2012, Hoyan Ip is doing something incredible. She made us rethink the value of byproducts. Just by using waste materials, she developed something that can’t be called waste anymore. Sweet corn husk, cucumber peel, mixed beans, strawberries, bulgur wheat, tomato peel and citrus peel may have no value individually. But together, they can make jewels that are beautiful and fashionable.

It’s great to see so much innovation. Let’s see some ways that food is used as a fashion statement.


Graphic food clothing (also called junk food clothing) is everywhere, with images on clothing of pizza, burgers, sushi, smoothies, salads, you name it. Perfect for all of you food lovers!


Food related accessories are also widely popular. Patches on bags, phones, fridge magnets, bands, etc. can make a bold statement. Some also love to use patches on their jackets, t-shirts, jeans, etc.

Without food inspired footwear, it would be incomplete. A graphic cone for a heel makes perfect food featured footwear.  😉


With fashion designers opening a restaurant, the collaboration of food and fashion has become more intimate. Food items are not just prepared, they are designed from food ingredients to make beautifully decorated dishes.


Actors and models are using foods to make a statement. Lady Gaga’s dress made with fresh steaks and Katy Perry’s music video, ‘Bon Appétit’, keeps them both unique and in the press.


As mentioned earlier, marketing is one of the reasons to collaborate. To create brand awareness and reach targeted customers, brand collaborations are a must. Both parties profit from these type of campaigns.

At first, it all seems like a bizarre connection. But now it all makes perfect sense. Fashion has come to our dining tables and food has gone into our wardrobes. It’s becoming a community that attracts both food lovers and fashion enthusiasts. We’ll see more big, colorful and innovative collaborations in near future. So, stay tuned!

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