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My husband and I recently had a late lunch at a local hotel near our house and we decided to bring the Cameron Hughes Lot 537:  Zinfandel, Alexander Valley with us.  We had so many people coming up to us asking about the wine (maybe because of the photo shoot…LOL).  One couple was so inquisitive that we ended up giving them a taster. 😉  This wine paired beautifully with the pan seared sea scallops and pork belly dish we had.  Not a dish you would typically pair with a Zinfandel, but wine is a very personal thing after all.  This wine holds its own with its rich and spicy notes.  It’s a very elegant wine and one I could drink all on its own (and will ;-)).  I’m actually dreaming of a bubble bath, candles, a book, and a glass of this wine.  If you’re a Zin fan, this is definitely one to try!


Rich, lush, & racy…  Just how I like it! 😉


Description of wine: A classic, yet modern Zinfandel that is rich, ripe, lush, racy, and balanced throughout.  Lot 537 is smooth, chocolatey, and plummy with a spicy component and long finish.

Insider tip:Serve with grilled, roasted meats.”







On a lazy Sunday afternoon, we decided to pop open the Cameron Hughes LOT 558
2016 Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc
.  It’s the prefect everyday pleasure wine.  This Sauvignon Blanc is fruit-driven and I immediately noticed the citrus and melon notes.  It’s a very refreshing and easy to drink wine.  I would recommend not over chilling this wine, so you can really appreciate the true expression of the grapes.  I served it between 50-55 degrees F (10-13 degrees C).  We enjoyed it with some French brie, warm sourdough bread, and cool jazz music playing throughout the house.  It was the perfect day!


Big, rich, & full-bodied. A downright sexy wine. 😉


Description of wine: Serves up an exotic nose of citrus-y florals, melon, fig and papaya.  A classic, beautiful Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc.

Insider tip: A fantastic everyday pleasure wine.  Pairs beautifully with white meats, soft cheeses, and lazy afternoons. 😉








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