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Best Fashion-Food Blogs That Always Keep You Updated

Eating good food that tickles your taste buds, does not have to get in the way of you looking good. Fashion hotspots like New York and Paris also happen to boast some of the best dining on Earth. The combination of fashion and food has resulted in an exclusive group of stylish bloggers who are posting delicious pictures of what they eat while carrying the latest Gucci bag which will make you drool as much, if not more, as the food. To inspire you to be both fashionable and a foodie you must follow the adventures of these 8 bloggers. 

Fashion Food Music


Among the fashion-food blogs, this blog is one of the leading blog sites where you will find interesting fashion and food articles. It is based in Orange County, California. FFM is always on the lookout for the newest trends in fashion, food and music. FFM founder, Chrissy Eblin, is a business leader by day, adventure seeker by night. Chrissy is an ambitious Southern Californian who enjoys sharing her life story as she takes on one adventure after another. She loves people and helping them achieve their dreams.

The Spicy Stiletto


Born and raised in California, the now New Yorker, Serena Goh’s blog will give you the perfect combination of style and recipes. If it’s too hot to cook and you are planning to head out to the beach with nothing to pack then worry no more! Serena Goh has solutions for you in difficult situations like this. Now you can chill at the beach in style with no fear of hunger. Serena Goh’s passion about food and fashion is evident in the site.

The New Potato


Two sisters Danielle and Laura Kosann, founded The New Potato, a fashionable site which profiles the dining and food experiences of the rich and the famous. You get access to everyone from Adam Richman of Travel Channel’s “Man vs. Food” and Modern Family’s Ty Burrell to Danielle and Jodie Snyder, designers of the jewelry line, Dannijo. The access the two sisters have is simply fascinating. Bookmark this page if you would like to wear a stunning dress and eat something delicious tonight. Get a taste of how the rich and the famous live!

Maison des Reveries


In 2009, Gennie Yi started Maison des Reveries in order to document her life in New York City and share her fashion-related DIY projects with the world. Now it is a testament to her amazing high-end taste. By day, Gennie is a buyer for Saks Fifth Avenue but by night, she scours New York on the hunt for tasty treats. Talk about living the double life! Chanel and Celine bags and Upper East Side art gallery visits on one side and scrumptious meals at Locanda Verde on the other. Gennie Yi will take you on a tour of the good life.

Honestly Yum


Honestly Yum rightfully calls itself a “new destination dedicated to the visual exploration of taste.” Honestly Yum was brought to you by the same people who are behind the DIY fashion hub, Honestly WTF. Only geniuses could have come up with Honestly Yum.

Milk and Mode


Carol Hun, former magazine editor writes Mil and Mode alongside running her own business. The site features a mix of personal style, quirky shopping roundups, and detailed recipes for healthy meals such as a mushroom and quinoa salad or zucchini pizzettes.

Taste the Style


Taste and Style is a virtual home for the food and fashion aware. Posts range from interviews with Van Leeuwen Ice Cream truck and shop front crew, which will convince you to swap the bikini for the one-piece swimsuit.

It is curated by a team of experts who know everything from menswear to wine. You’ll find yourself bookmarking this site to know all the emerging lifestyle brands. This will make your shopping, be it for food or fashion, a whole lot fun.

The Love List


The Love List started as a list of things Jess Graves, an Atlanta-based blogger, loves. It is now an online magazine that delivers a monthly column in Atlanta Magazine. Find out Jess’s occasion-specific playlists and cocktail picks, and news about specialty boutiques located south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

Happy reading (errr…drooling)!  😉