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Healthy Greek Frozen Yogurt & Fruit Bites

These Healthy Greek Frozen Yogurt & Fruit Bites are my take on some other similar recipes I’ve found online recently.  They are super easy to make and are a great grab and go snack when you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth but don’t want all of the extra sugar.  In this recipe I chose to use Trader Joe’s freeze dried blueberries (no sugar added), Trader Joe’s freeze dried bananas (no sugar added), Trader Joe’s dried cherries (no sugar added), Nature’s Path Hemp Plus granola and FAGE 0% fat Greek yogurt.  The tartness of the blueberries, sweetness of the bananas, chewiness of the cherries, crunch of the granola and creaminess of the yogurt make for a wonderful combination.  There’s s a lot going on as you can tell, a party in your mouth if you will (my new favorite saying…lol).


Here’s the incredibly simple & fast recipe:

  1. Fill a mini muffin pan with a teaspoon of the granola
  2. Cover the granola with a heaping teaspoon of Greek yogurt
  3. Sprinkle a few pieces of each of the blueberries, bananas, and cherries
  4. Cover with foil and freeze for 1-2 hours
  5. Use a knife to pop them out of the muffin pan
  6. Enjoy!  😉


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Wishing you all a healthy and happy week!

XO, Chrissy