Crystal collagen eye masks

Crystal Collagen Eye Mask

Eyes are the windows to the soul. Your eyes have the power to speak volumes without you even opening your mouth. They can inspire, engage and attract. Eyes are also good indicators of your health. If you haven’t had enough sleep or if you are sad or depressed, your eyes will let the world know it. That’s what makes it so important to take care of your eyes and the sensitive area surrounding your eyes. Although it is never too late to start, it is better to start early. Prevention is always better and easier than correcting an issue later!

One of the greatest ways you can take care of your eye zone is by applying a crystal collagen eye mask. The benefits of using the eye mask are vast. First, it reduces the puffiness surrounding your eyes. This mild swelling is very common as you age (or if you’ve had a late night out). As you age, the tissue surrounding your eyes, including some of the tissue supporting the eyelid, weaken. The normal fats that support the eyes can shift down a bit into the lower eyelids, making them appear puffy even if you’ve had plenty of rest. I can completely relate to this and bags are something that I’ve battled for what feels like my entire life. It is also hereditary, but there are things we can do to reduce the appearance and keep bags at bay. This eye mask helps strengthens the supporting tissues and prevent bags from appearing.

Crystal collagen eye masks


Dark circles are another problem many of us suffer from. Dark circles appear more as we age because the skin under the eyes becomes thinner as a result of losing collagen. The thin skin enhances the appearance of blood vessels making the skin appear darker. Crystal collagen eye masks, as the name suggests, helps to rebuild this collagen and by doing so reduces the dark circles under the eyes.

This eye mask also works as a wonderful moisturizer. Applying the eye mask will boost hydration in the skin, preventing flaking and dullness under your eyes. It will help make your skin look supple and bring out the radiance in your eyes.

With age, wrinkles develop naturally. Crystal collagen eye masks can improve the elasticity and firmness under your eyes. This will help keep you from developing wrinkles under your eyes or at least postpone it.

Crystal collagen eye masks are incredibly easy to use.  You can apply the eye mask before you go to bed or even during the day while you are cleaning the house, having lunch or taking a relaxing bath. I leave it on for 20-30 minutes a couple times a week and it seems to do wonders for my under-eye bags and dark circles.

They say that your eyes and the backs of your hands can give away your age.  My goal is to make my age just a number (Most of the time I act like a five year old anyway…LOL). This mask definitely hydrates the skin making it look more radiant, healthy and supple. It virtually erases the wrinkles and fine lines making your eyes appear youthful and full of life.

Check out this video (not me) that does a good job showing how to use it. Super easy!


Have a great week!  XO