The Latest Fashion

What’s trending in 2017?  In the last few years, we have seen a lot of focus on loose and comfortable clothing for women. This is likely to continue this year as well.

Shirt dresses have become incredibly popular and long shirts have become a classic. It is now being redesigned with different cuts and quirks to make it stand out. Long shirts can have a casual look or a professional look, depending on its cut, collar, button style, etc. There are a lot of variations to suit different styles.


Kimono-style trench coats are a combination of a trench coat and the traditional kimono. The blend of the two is surprisingly appealing. It is not only stylish but is very comfortable to wear as it is lightweight and roomy. A knotted belt adds a casual vibe to the look.

white coat

The designers have been playing around with long vests for a few years now. Longs vests can be worn in a casual setting as well as in a professional setting, depending on the particular design. It has a slimming effect on the body which is another reason for its popularity. This can be worn with a sweater during cold weather or can be worn on its own if the temperature is moderate.

beautiful-1869830_640 (1)

Denim jackets are great when you have to get ready quickly and is a must have for your wardrobe. It is very versatile as well. It can go with jeans, khakis, skirts, you name it. You can wear it unbuttoned or buttoned. The simplicity in denim jackets makes it very appealing.

Woman in Blue Denim Jacket With Ivy Headdress

Sporty look for women is popular again. This sets a very casual and outgoing vibe, which is why many women are embracing it. It has a certain youthfulness to it, a cool factor if I may add. Classic touches like gym shorts and tennis skirts help to complete the look.

Women's sports shape

Sneakers are also in fashion. This is of course because of its versatility and comfort. Sneakers can complement the sporty, outdoorsy look, but at the same time be worn with skinny jeans.

Design wise, stripes are back. The use of stripes in shirts and trousers will likely increase and may even continue for several seasons to come. The pattern is simple and has a slimming effect. You can do a lot with simple stripes and designers are doing just that.


The latest fashion has a focus on simple elegance and comfort. This year has brought new fashion trends, but has kept many of the old ones from 2016 as well.  Time to go shopping!