Mu Mu Muesli

My New Favorite Breakfast Food

Some of you know that in addition to the blog, I also run a popular west coast frozen yogurt chain called, Golden Spoon.  When the owners of Mu Mu Muesli, Mike & Lisa, reached out I immediately thought about trying their muesli as a topping on our frozen yogurt.  We also recently launched breakfast at one of our locations and now serve acai bowls.  We tried it on both the acai bowls and our frozen yogurt and it was a huge hit.  Everyone is loving it and I’m now officially an addict.  😉

Golden Spoon prides itself on our premium, healthy products and Mu Mu Muesli is the perfect addition to our menu.  Just like our new acai bowls and smoothies, Mu Mu Muesli has NO ADDED SUGAR, NO OILS and NO ARTIFICIAL ANYTHING.  Mu Mu Muesli is a blend of 8 simple, whole ingredients, including fresh whole rolled oats with organic fruit, almonds, coconut, flax seeds & toasted wheat flakes.  Can you say, YUM!!!

Mu Mu Muesli IMG_9260 IMG_9253

Looking for other delicious ways to eat Mu Mu Muesli?  Check out their video below on 3 scrumptious ways to eat muesli.

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Mu Mu Muesli 2Mu Mu Muesli

XO, Chrissy

*In collaboration with Mu Mu Muesli